Stainless Steel Raker II TBX Propellers

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3 blade, 14 1/2" Diameter, 25" Pitch Standard Rotation

Looking to plane fast - and run faster? The Raker II prop is specially designed for building up engine RPMs and getting you on plane faster. A great prop in surfacing conditions especially on high speed boats. Perfect for bass boats and high performance boats. V6 models feature the TBX hub system and a 3-year limited warranty. Available only for outboards with a V4 or V6 sized prop shaft. Please ensure that you select the correct propeller size for your application. Contact your local Evinrude E-TEC dealer if you are unsure or need a recommendation.


Model Blades Diameter Pitch
V6 Raker II TBX 22RH 3 14 1/2" 22"
V6 Raker II TBX 24RH 3 14 1/2" 24"
V6 Raker II TBX 25RH 3 14 1/2" 25"
V6 Raker II TBX 26RH 3 14 1/2" 26"
V6 Raker II TBX 28RH 3 14 1/2" 28"